the pumpkin machine

they came, they danced, they stayed

Come celebrate with us!

We are celebrating the fact that we arrived, that we are still here, and that we are here to stay. The Pumpkin Machine is a collective consisting of nine musicians and dancers from Bavaria, Syria, the United States, Greece, Ukraine and Italy. We celebrate diversity, we celebrate differences and we celebrate music! The big celebration is a mix of everything we like: where Arabic quarter tones meet Alpine triad bliss, Griko, (i.e.Greek-Italian music) combined with Ukrainian rap, and Slovenian folk songs performed alongside original compositions. Zwiefacher, Klezmer and Jodler take each other by the hand and Schuhplattler and HipHop spin together in a circle. Two dancers will be dancing on and in front of the stage for you and with you. Enjoy the musical mash up and dance. Come dance and sing with us until you're drunk with joy!

Ain't nothing gonna stop this party!

Andrea Pancur (D) – voc

Yuriy Gurzhy (UKR/D) – Samples, DJ

Chrisa Lazariotou (GR) – voc

Grigory Semenchuk (UKR) – Rap

Abathar Kmash – (SYR) – oud

Patty Farrell (USA) – accordion

Katja Lachmann (D) - bass

Roberto Quaranta (I/D) – HipHop

Magnus Kaindl (D) - Schuhplattln