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Foto: Manuel Miethe
Foto: Manuel Miethe

Andrea Pancur, Munich-based singer with Slovenian roots, has been called “the most

important exponent of Yiddish culture in Germany” (Der Neue Tag). She regularly tours Europe with her current ground-breaking programme, Alpen Klezmer, combining Yiddish and alpine music. In this programme, which was awarded the German World music prize, Pancur explores the common repertoire of Bavarian and Yiddish song culture in order to develop a new genre.


She previously pushed musical boundaries with a modern klezmer quartet, and also guest-toured with the trio ‘A Tickle in the Heart’, while her solo programme, Andrea Pancur’s ‘Federmentsh’, focuses on Yiddish music composed after 1945. She is also the founder and chair of the jury of the Mosche-Beregowski Nachwuchspreis, an award for up and coming talent in Yiddish culture.


Until August 2017 she was on the board of other music e.V., the organisation behind Yiddish Summer Weimar, one of the world’s most important Yiddish culture festivals. Until 2017 she also organised a Klezmer festival every tow years for the Kunstdünger e.V. in the south of Munich. Since January 2018 she has been the artistic manager of ‘Musik.vor.Ort’, a project organised by KulturRaum e.V. in collaboration with the Culture Department of the City of Munich. For this project, musicians from Munich play with and for with people visiting the Münchner Tafel food bank.


Pancur’s concert tours and teaching activities had taken her to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA.


She worked together with a wide range of artists including Alan Bern (USA/D), Christian Dawid (D), Patty Farrell (USA), Alex Haas (D), Hermann Haertel jun. (A), Dan Kahn (USA/D), Horst Nonnenmacher (D), Ilya Shneyveys (LV/USA), Guy Schalom (GB), Lorin Sklamberg (USA), Deborah Strauss (USA), und Stofferl Well (D).


Andrea Pancur works and lived with her Portuguese rescue dog Salome on the Southern outskirts of Munich.

Foto: Birgit Bode
Foto: Birgit Bode



  • Main prize from the jury for Alpen Klezmer, TFF Rudolstadt 2014
  • Volkskulturpreis (in the “Innovation” category), City of Munich, 2012
  • Twice nominated for RUTH in the “Global Roots“ category
  • Nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award