the pumpkin machine

Folk Rave

Foto: Manu Miethe
Foto: Manu Miethe

Heartfelt invitation: We celebrate!

We celebrate we're new, we celebrate we're still here, and we celebrate we're here to stay. The Pumpkin Machine celebrates diversity, differences and music! We mix everything we like: Arabic scales meet alpine triad bliss, Portuguese revolutionary songs combine with Ukrainian rap and Slovenian folk songs stand alongside our own compositions. Zwiefacher, klezmer and yodellers take each other by the hand and Schuhplattler and hip hop go together round in circles. Enjoy the musical mash up and dance. Dance and sing with us until you're drunk with happiness! The party is far from over!



The Pumpkin Machine:

DJ Yuriy Gurzhy – samples, voc
Andrea Pancur – voc

Miene Costa – voc

Patty Farrell - accordion, keyboards

Katja Lachmann – bass

Johann Bengen – drums, vocals