Moshe Beregovski

prize for new talent

It is only because of the work of Ukranian musicologist Mosche Beregowski (1892-1961) that we still have much of the repertoire of Eastern European Klezmorim. In 1944 Beregovski completed a doctorate on what he called “klesmerische” music. By the end of the 1940s he had to hide all of the music documents which he had collected, and he was then interned in a Soviet work camp at the start of the 1950s. Over the last twenty years or so, some of his collection has been published in the USA together with transcriptions and recordings.


The first Mosche Beregowski prize for new talent in klezmer ensembles was awarded in 2007. The idea behind the prize is to help ensure that this musical heritage of the Yiddish tradition continues to be present in Europe. Instrumental ensembles are eligible to apply as well as music ensembles including singers.


The next competition dates will be announced closer to the time.

The judges change over time; the following have been past members of the jury:

Previous winners:

     2007 Les Mentsh (France)

2009 the jury decided not to award the prize this year

2011 Maggid (Belgium)

2014 Don Kipper (Great Britain)